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Our Core Beliefs and Philosophies

  • We humans are meant to live into our full potential with happiness and contentment; we are inherently worthy of love
  • You are not a problem to be fixed or an issue to be solved, like a 30-minute sitcom or an hour-long drama; you are a seed to be nurtured and tended with great care and attention
  • That seed of purpose – of talent – of passion — is already within you, waiting to be born
  • It’s not about changing who you are now, but discovering who you really are deep inside the core of your being – and changing the outside to reflect the inside
  • New growth is precious, and needs to be held with respect and dignity as it struggles to break through and take root
  • Transformation is absolutely possible
  • You CAN change your mind…literally. It is never too late
  • How you listen and express yourself makes a difference in how you understand and are understood
  • Connecting in a meaningful way with other humans is necessary – even for us Introverts
  • A full and meaningful life does not eradicate difficult emotions – instead, when we notice and accept them, learn from them, and integrate them, we grow from them – and they soften their hold on us
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