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♥ Take a deep breath…

Then take another.

♥ Reconnect to rediscover…

What’s alive in you?

Monarch chrysalis

We all need more stillness in our lives right now. Mindfulness meditation and reflection practices help us relax into the present moment. When we open our hearts with acceptance and curiosity – and without judgment – we can see clearly and touch our own deep, inner wisdom.

Join us as Be Still enters its third season!  You are invited to take a few moments to pause – slow down – and reconnect with what’s really important to you as we share a series of ~25-minute online mindfulness meditations and reflections to settle your mind and untangle your inner knots.

No live chats, side conversations or distractions – just you, the voice of the leader and an inspirational visual shared via Zoom to unite us. You will be able to connect online or by a simple telephone call.

There is NO COST for this offering… your quiet presence is all that is asked of you.

Here’s the plan: Sessions will be offered every Friday at noon, beginning on Friday September 16, 2022, running through June 16, 2023 – with two exceptions: There will not be a session on November 25 (Thanksgiving Day) or April 7 (Good Friday).

Meditations are appropriate for ages 18 and older; ages 15-16 with parental permission-contact Linda directly at 610.222.0700 with questions.

You can REGISTER HERE for Be Still – Season 3!

For security reasons, pre-registration is required for this program. If you are a past Be Still registrant, you will need to register again; your previous codes will not work.

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with your own personal link that will give you access to all the sessions through and including June 16, 2023.  You’ll use the same link / phone number and meeting codes each week that you want to attend throughout Season 3; there is no obligation on your part to attend every session – join when you can. If you misplace your login information, no worries! Simply email me ( or give me a call at 610.222.0700 and I can provide you with a copy of your confirmation email.

If you don’t see your registration confirmation right away, please check your trash, spam, or promotions email buckets. Your confirmation email will be coming from ZOOM [] and the Subject Line will say “Be Still – Season 3 Confirmation.”  If you opt-in to hear about future offerings, please designate as a “safe sender” with your email provider; otherwise, the emails will end up in your spam/junk mail folder and that would make me sad. ☹

Registration entitles you to participate in the “live” sessions on Fridays, and gives you early, free access to the recordings during the season. When you enter the Zoom space, you’ll be asked to consent to recording. The only thing being recorded is the visual we are sharing and my voice. None of your identifiying information will show on the recording. A sample of what the recording looks and sounds like is featured on the home page.

Links to recordings of past sessions are available upon request.

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