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The Meditation Sampler gives you the opportunity to grow your practice by “trying on” a meditation approach and see how it resonates with you. Each offering includes educational elements, directions, a guided meditation, and time for reflection.

In each ~60-minute offering, you will…

  • Learn about the meditation
  • Practice it
  • Reflect on your experience
  • Share your thoughts
  • Harvest your experience

The intention behind these offerings is to help you understand the “why” and the “how” underneath each meditation approach and allow you to explore how it might be useful in your practice.

We would love to set something up for you and a small group of 6-8 humans at a time of your choosing. While these offerings are designed for in-person participation, Zoom is always an option! Or you can get a heads-up when one of these meditations is scheduled.

Scroll down, choose a meditation – and give me a call at 610-222-0700, drop me an email at, or submit a contact form.

Be Grateful – A  Heart-Centered Meditation

Get in touch with your HEART.  Experience a guided meditation designed to help you embody what is right and good in you, and in your life.  This is not just a “feel good – be happy” exercise; doing this does not make all the “bad” go away.  Research shows the value of gratitude journaling, and a habit of spending some time every day identifying and appreciating the good that surrounds you increases your ability to be resilient when times are difficult.  As humans, our energy flows where our thoughts go (and vice versa), so when you make it a point to practice active appreciation, you expand your thoughts and widen your perspective.

“When you appreciate the good, the good appreciates.” ~ Tal Ben-Shahar

Mandala Creation & Meditation

Circles… We are fascinated by them and drawn to them.  They appear all throughout nature.  Around the world, a circle is considered a universal stage of artistic development for children.  In this class, you will learn interesting facts about mandalas, and then you will have the opportunity to create (or color) a mandala of your own.  All necessary art supplies will be provided.  No artistic ability necessary – this class is all about the process.  Come and share an hour of peace with this wonderful ancient symbol.  Note: Our focus is on creation and meditation.  And while the experience can be therapeutic for some, we are not art therapists and make no such claims.

Sacred Object Meditation

In this day and age, we are constantly bombarded by all kinds of stimuli.  It seems that so many things demand our immediate attention.  Our systems become overwhelmed, and our ability to pay attention to any one thing is fragmented.  To cope, we limit ourselves to noticing only superficial characteristics – of things and sometimes of people.  Sacred Object Meditation involves focusing on an item that has a special meaning for you.  Please bring something that has a special resonance for you and touches your heart in some way.  During the meditation, the object will be used as a focal point for your attention, to help you keep your mind in the present moment.  You will be guided to explore your object with all of your senses, giving every facet of it your full and complete attention.  And in this way, you will become open to the sacredness that exists in everything.

Loving-Kindness Meditation

A “loving-kindness” practice – also referred to as “metta” – is a kind of meditation that involves actively generating and then directing a capacity for love, kindness, and compassion towards yourself and others.  In our offering, you will be led through a series of phrases to help you connect with warm feelings and thoughts towards your “self.”  When you are ready, you’ll be guided to serve those feelings outward.  Research into the science and benefits of this ancient practice is finally catching up to what Buddhist practitioners have known all along, showing strong links with resilience, feelings of happiness, optimism and curiosity, and less self-criticism, as well as other positive life changes.  Come and practice with us.

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