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When it comes to creating a fulfilling and resilient life, we need the support of other humans. That’s where Mindfulness Practice Circles can help. Practicing mindfulness in a group and sharing experiences with like-minded humans creates an energy that is different from practicing alone. Grow your practice as you explore how others have incorporated mindfulness into their day–to-day lives, and you’ll have opportunities to share you challenges and victories as well.

This is your life – be present for it.

Why practice in a group?

  • Nurture and deepen your practice
  • Stay motivated and on-track
  • Enjoy the energy generated when folks meditate together
  • Build on shared experiences
  • Find new ways to Integrate mindfulness into your life
  • Connect with others
  • Feel held and supported

In each ~90-minute meeting, we will…

  • Share a short group meditation practice to anchor ourselves in the present moment
  • Talk about what went well for you that week/month, and share the joy
  • Share something that challenged you and how you handled it – and how you felt about your choices (group discussion format)
  • Dive into one aspect of mindfulness practice (led by Linda)
  • Identify a challenge to work on, exploring how mindfulness can help
  • Questions & harvesting of ideas from the meeting
  • Close with a loving-kindness meditation and intention setting for the next meeting

Note: How actively you participate and the degree to which you share is always up to you; no one will be “called on” or put on the spot

An integral part of our mission is to offer an environment where people can come and share their thoughts and feelings.  Where they can talk about things that matter to them in small groups.  In our world of constant connectivity, we are becoming increasingly disconnected from each other as human beings.  We seem to forget that there is power in personal connections – an energy that is qualitatively different from other forms of interactions.  We are forgetting how to talk with each other in a respectful, meaningful way.  Let’s change that.

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