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These programs are designed to guide you on a deeper exploration into proven approaches and strategies that you can use to increase your well-being and live with greater purpose.

Actual time commitment will differ by scope and intent of each series.

More programs are currently germinating and are expected to Sprout SOON!


Journey Further with the Summer Sampler Meditation Series!

Offered every Sunday evening through August.  You can join us for one meditation – or join us for as many as you want… the choice is yours!

Structured differently from our other meditation offerings, the Summer Sampler Meditation Series is your opportunity to learn about and try different types of meditation, to see what works best for you. In each class you will …

  • Learn about the meditation
  • Practice it
  • Reflect on your experience
  • Share your thoughts

Special pricing and a special package is available for these 75-minute Summer Samplers.  You can use your passes for any of the meditations scheduled in this series (and listed below):

Single Summer Sampler Meditation            $  12


Offerings in this series include …

Breath Meditation (Pranayama)                                                                                  July 8 & August 5

Prana is the universal life force or energy shared by all beings. Our breath is the most direct and immediate source of prana, and is a bridge connecting our bodies and our minds. This fusion of meditation and pranayama cultivates awareness by hyper-oxygenating your blood. In this class, you will likely be surprised at all the different ways we can breathe!  When you practice Pranayama on a regular basis, you will reach a state where your body tingles and your mind feels calm, open, and clear. This practice has been shown to radically alter brain chemistry, leaving you feel like you are ready for anything.


C.A.L.M. Guided Imagery Meditation                                                                         July 1 & August 12

Center. Accept. Love. Melt. C.A.L.M. One way to achieve a calm state through meditation is with the use of guided imagery. You will be led into a quiet, meditative state – and then taken on a journey. Perhaps to the ocean, or maybe a forest stream – or somewhere else entirely. And in that tranquil setting, you will train your mind to observe and then visit the calm that exists underneath the surface activity. Settling in, you will be free to practice watching your thoughts float by, without getting caught up in them. Refreshed, you will be brought back to the present moment.


Restorative Yoga & Meditation                                                                                  August 26 – Please call

This type of class is likely very different from what you have come to associate with yoga.  You will spend the entire time seated or lying down – no mats, no standing, no balancing, no flowing from pose to pose. Your body will be fully supported with blankets, bolsters, pillows, cushions and foam blocks so that your muscles are able to fully release any tension you have accumulated, allowing you to wind down and open up mentally and physically. You will feel held, nurtured, and safe. Guided meditation will be interwoven to further enhance the experience. The quiet nature, deep breathing and calming postures of restorative yoga gives your whole being permission to relax deeply, bringing your central nervous system back into balance with a sense of healing and recuperation. This is not intended to be a full restorative yoga class.  Call 610.222.0700 or email linda@whynotsprout.com to reserve your space!   Registration closes at 4 pm on Sunday, August 26!  


Singing Bowl Meditation                                                                                               August 19 – Please call

A Tibetan singing bowl produces sounds which invoke a deep state of relaxation. These sounds are known to naturally assist you in entering into a meditative state. Once in that state, you will be encouraged to practice present moment awareness, using your breath as an anchor. Some initial guidance will be provided about how to redirect your attention from passing thoughts and distractions gently and kindly back to your breath, simply observing but not getting entangled in whatever arises for you. There is no wrong way to do this practice – the idea is to simply notice what is happening, as it happens, without judgment. This practice helps you learn to notice when you enter “autopilot-mode,” so that you can catch it sooner each time your mind wanders away. The sound of the bowl will help cue you to “check in” and bring yourself back to the present. The meditation will end with the sound of the bowl “singing” and resonating with your mind and body.


Chakra Meditation                                                                                                          June 17 &  July 29   

Just as there are 7 colors in the rainbow, 7 levels of consciousness, 7 ages of man and 7 notes on the western scale – there are 7 major chakras in the human body. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel or disc. Each chakra is a swirling wheel of energy that is associated with a nerve center of the body. They are located along the spine and up into the head. During this guided meditation, the chakras will be activated and balanced. When all channels are open, energy flows through them, bringing us to a state of harmony within. And when we interact with the world from this place, we sow seeds of harmony, love and light instead of anger and fear.


Coming soon…..

What’s Alive in YOU?


An 6-week experiential program to help you uncover and nourish all that is positive and strong within you!