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A Warm and Inviting Space…

An integral part of our mission is to offer a space where people can come and share their thoughts and feelings.
Where they can talk about things that matter to them – or just sit quietly for a few moments of reflection. In our world of instant connectivity, we are becoming increasingly isolated from each other as human beings. We are spending more and more of our time on social media or connecting with others electronically – while we sit alone. We seem to be forgetting that there is power in personal connections … an energy that is qualitatively different from other forms of interactions. We are forgetting how to talk with each other in a respectful, meaningful way.

Think of Why Not Sprout?! as your trellis during your growth spurt. We are here to support your journey as you branch out into living your best possible life.

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When it comes to creating a fulfilling and resilient life, we need the support of other humans. This is especially true when we want to make some changes in our lives. Venturing into unexplored mental and emotional territory can be exciting and fun – and it can also be challenging and scary. Personal growth is not a straightforward path; it can be quite messy and confusing. Any new change – in feelings, thoughts, behaviors, attitudes – is especially tender and needs careful nurturing. Often, people get “stuck” in the process and need some clarity and direction.


Visit Us Soon

We offer the following opportunities in our space free of charge. We will ask for a free-will donation; all monies collected will be passed on to a different charity on a monthly basis.

  • Morning quiet time – no cell phones, no electronics unless you have an e-reader. Come and sit quietly (no talking), have coffee, read, do a crossword puzzle, meditate – enjoy the peace and quiet. COMING BACK SOON!
  • A morning loving-kindness meditation for Skippack Village. All are welcome to this ~30-minute guided meditation to help build a compassionate, supportive community – COMING BACK SOON!
  • During our weekend “hours of operation” {See when you can “Stop In!”}, the space will be open for you to drop in, say hello, use our wisdom wall or our compost basket – or both!

Why Not Sprout?! is located in the beautiful village of Skippack, Pennsylvania, just 40 minutes west of Philadelphia. Our address is: 4039 Skippack Pike; P.O. Box 967; Skippack, PA 19474  Please feel free to call us at 610.222.0700.

We are located in the Victorian Carriage Shops, behind The Southwest Trading Post, just behind the big patio. Free parking is available in the stone lot around the back of the buildings. We look forward to meeting you!

Please note: Our space & programs are appropriate for Adults 18+

And while you’re here, stroll the Village, shop the stores, eat the food, and take advantage of all the services!  Click on the logo below for more information about what’s going on in the Village!